Your yacht safely in our heated warehouse

Keep your yacht in top condition by making use of our heated winter storage. We can accommodate hundreds of yachts in our secured warehouses.

With Fire and burglar alarms

You want to keep your boat in top condition? Then, we would recommend you to make use of our winter storage. The cost is € 56 / m² (Loa x B) per winter season (October 15 - 31 May). Our warehouses have an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 5,500 m2 and can accommodate hundreds of yachts. Most importantly, the warehouses are fully heated and with electronic fire and security systems. Therefore a safe place for your yacht. Would you use the winter storage period to carry out works on your yacht, then the MYS team is ready for you.

Here below you can download the winter storage forms as an Excel file. Please complete these and return this as an Excel file to We take care of the registration and confirm it to you.




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